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Spider Vein Removal vs. Varicose Vein Removal

Spider veins and varicose veins are experienced by a large percentage of the American population. In fact, research data shows that 50 percent of American adults have at one time experienced one or both of these vein problems in their lives. Spider veins are characterized by twisted, clustered lines that mostly occur on the legs. The condition is more likely to affect women than men. Varicose vein shows the symptoms characterized by swollen veins. Almost similar cases may cause these two states, but they have differences. When it comes to spider vein removal vs. varicose vein removal, there are some things to consider.

Spider-Like Lines

The main identification of spider veins is spider web-like lines that appear near the surface of the skin. The markings remove doubts on the problems affecting skin due to the uniqueness of the resemblance to a spider web. In fact, this is the primary symptom that shows one is suffering from spider veins. In such a case, spider vein removal should be performed; the problem is handled by a qualified professional, like the ones at Amachi Med Spa.

Absence of Swollen Veins

When there are no swollen veins in the affected area, it means that there is no possibility of varicose veins. For varicose vein, veins of the body, especially on the legs, are seen to be swollen and busted, appearing in dark coloring. Such occurrence calls for care, specifically for varicose veins, which are removed through different methods of relaxation and pressing of the veins, as well as through acute surgical operations. For swollen veins, vein clinics would be the best place to deal with such problems, as they offer a number of varicose vein removal treatments.

Restlessness in the Legs

This condition has a mix of feelings such as crawling and creeping, as well as discomfort in the affected area. The feeling may occur during rest and may lead to sleeping problems. The symptom only happens in the case of spider veins where patients usually experience funny movements in their legs. When such scenario is encountered, it’s best to seek spider vein removal vs. varicose vein removal.

Learn More During a Consultation

At Amachi Med Spa in Marietta, we are proud to offer laser treatments for spider vein removal. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more information.

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