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Is ThermiSmooth Permanent?

More often than not, we are the first ones to notice visible signs of aging in ourselves, but it’s still no fun to look in a mirror to find fine lines and cellulite where there was once smooth skin. For some people, creams and serums are the first frantic steps to rewind the clock, even though these topical treatments are mostly ineffective. Skip the frustration of pricey anti-aging potions and come visit Amachi MedSpa in Marietta, GA. Our experts are well-versed in many anti-aging treatments, such as Thermismooth, which can be used to reverse aging for face and body.

Curious about this versatile treatment? Learn everything you need to know about this treatment before you come to the clinic!

What Is Thermismooth?

This treatment is a non-invasive, gentle, and gradual therapy that is used to tighten and lift skin, from your face all the way down to your legs and everywhere in between. As a non-invasive alternative to cosmetic lift procedures, this treatment is part of a growing family of high-tech, non-surgical solutions for anti-aging. Like other systems, this treatment works with the body, specifically targeting the sublevels of skin to encourage tighter skin.

If you are looking for a painless treatment with zero recovery time that creates a gradual, naturally younger-looking appearance, then look no further than Thermismooth.

Why Does It Work?

This is a treatment that works with your body to produce the desired results. How? That’s a good question, and to answer it, we first need to look at the basic theory of what causes aging and how anti-aging technology works.

What Causes Aging?

Let’s start with aging. While the first visual signs of aging might be thinner skin and fine lines in delicate skin areas, you should know that aging starts long before our eyes can detect the signs. The first true signs of aging happen on a sub-dermal level, deep within the tissues of the skin. At some point – determined by genetics and lifestyle – our bodies reach a point where we begin to produce less of the proteins that lend themselves to full, youthful skin. These proteins are collagen and elastin.

Aging is caused by a slower production of these proteins, which results in greater skin laxity, or essentially a loss of skin volume. With less volume in the skin, fine lines begin to form while gravity does its work, and over time we begin to notice the visible signs.

How Anti-Aging Technology Works

None of us can stop time. Aging is inevitable. But that doesn’t mean we can’t reduce the visible signs of aging or gradually slow the aging process down. With the right methods, we can effectively prolong a more youthful appearance. This is where anti-aging technology comes in. Many high-tech anti-aging solutions operate off the same basic principles, which is to stimulate the deep levels of skin to begin producing proteins like collagen again.

How are these proteins stimulated? The simple answer is heat. For most treatments – this one included – heat is introduced to the skin through radio frequency technology. The gentle heat created by radio frequency technology is a quick and painless way to tell the body to create proteins in the skin by stimulating blood flow. You might be interested to know that, from a biological perspective, stimulating blood flow is a fast way to wake up cells and direct fresh energy into the skin.

Essentially, anti-aging technology uses heat to stimulate blood flow, which in turn stimulates the production of proteins that delay visible signs of aging.

Thermismooth for the Face

You can reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the face with this gentle treatment. For the face, this treatment uses a slightly smaller handheld device that is made to contour around the curves and crevices of the face.

The areas of the face this treatment works for include…

  • Cheeks
  • Eyes
  • Forehead
  • Mouth
  • Neck

Using this treatment for the face can greatly reduce visible signs of aging. This treatment is especially appropriate for delicate skin areas, such as the skin around and beneath the eyes, which is thinner than the rest of the skin on the face. This treatment is ideal for crows feet and the laugh lines that form around the mouth, as well as other mild to moderate skin laxity found around the jawline and neck areas.

Thermismooth for the Body

This treatment can also be used on larger expanses of skin. For the body, the device used for the treatment is a bit larger, but that is the only difference between the two. However, unlike the face, visible signs of aging on the body are not necessarily fine lines and wrinkles. Rather, visible signs of aging on the body include loose skin and cellulite, both of which are caused by a reduction of collagen.

The areas of the body this treatment works for include…

  • Collarbone
  • Breasts
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Calves
  • Ankles

This treatment can be used on virtually every area of the body to lift, tighten, and support skin without the use of invasive techniques. This treatment is ideal for greater skin surface areas that lose skin laxity quickly, such as the collarbone, breasts, and abdomen. This treatment is also ideal for areas of the body where cellulite can rapidly dimple, such as the hips, thighs, and buttocks.

The Treatment

While you know the theory behind radio frequency treatments like this one and what areas of the body or face this therapy can treat, you might still be wondering what the treatment itself is like. Most patients compare this treatment to a hot stone massage, both because of the heat and the pressure that the device uses.

In fact, many patients view this treatment as incredibly spa-like and relaxing. It is gentle enough that you might even forget that you are undergoing an anti-aging treatment in the first place.

This treatment system uses a highly sophisticated device, which is connected to a computer called ThermiRF. The ThermiRF computer constantly monitors the output of heat from the device so that each sweep of the device has the precise amount of heat necessary to properly stimulate collagen production. The ThermiRF system can be set to any temperature, but the general desired range is between 42°C and 45°C.

The Treatment Steps

Regardless of where you are receiving the treatment or how large the targeted treatment area is, all steps for this therapy are the same for each session. Here we will walk you through what to expect during a treatment session.

Step 1: Cleanse

For the best results, the first step for this treatment is to have clean skin free of make-up, lotions, or other products. While it is best to go into your appointment with freshly cleaned skin, it is likely that your technician will use gentle sterile cleansers to free the skin of excess oils or lingering products. Having a cleansed canvas to work with is also an important safety procedure so that no products will interact negatively when introduced to heated elements.

Step 2: Cooling Gel

For both face and body, we use a cooling gel with this treatment. The cooling gel works in two ways. The first is to make sure that your skin remains at a comfortable temperature while the device is working, which will protect your skin and reduce redness following the treatment. The second is to help smooth the way so that the device can glide smoothly over skin as directed by the technician. Not unlike the gel used for an ultrasound, the cooling gel used for this treatment is for your benefit and comfort.

Step 3: Treatment

This is where the comparisons to a hot stone massage will become apparent. Each area of the body or face that is being treated is allotted the same amount of time: about 5 minutes for each zone.

The technician will sweep the device over your skin and hold it over a zone for a time, before moving on to the next zone. This gives the device enough time to properly heat each target area to stimulate collagen production. Each session takes roughly one hour to complete.

Step 4: Recovery

We cannot emphasize enough that this treatment has zero recovery time. After your session, you might experience temporary redness or pinkness at the sites of treatment, but this redness disappears within the day. After treatment, you are free to return to normal daily activity with no restrictions. We do encourage the use of moisturizers, and you should avoid direct sun exposure on the day of treatment.

Step 5: Results

As a note, in order to reach the optimal results of this treatment, you will require multiple sessions because of how gradual the effects of the treatment are. Most patients require 5 to 6 sessions spaced 1 to 2 weeks apart. The sessions are spaced this way to give the body enough time to acclimate to the stimulation.

You might find that your body responds more quickly to the stimulation than others, which means you might require only 4 or 5 sessions. You might also find that to reach optimal results, your body requires additional stimulation from additional sessions. Our expert staff will help you determine the best course of treatment to reach your desired appearance.

Is Thermismooth Permanent?

Many patients wonder if this treatment is permanent. As a simple answer, we would class this treatment as semi-permanent. Not unlike semi-permanent hair dye, this treatment does require some upkeep to continue to see the same results.

One completed round of this treatment – the standard 5 to 6 sessions – will last for about one year. In order to maintain the results of the treatment, you can undergo another session or two about once a year. By prolonging the treatment with yearly upkeep, you can significantly reduce the long-term visible effects of aging and gentle the aging process in a natural way.

Ideal Candidates

Who are ideal candidates for this treatment? Anyone with mild to moderate signs of aging is a perfect candidate for this treatment. Therapies like this one are designed to reduce the visible effects of aging, so they work the best for individuals who are noticing early signs of aging. There are no age or health restrictions for this treatment.

Ideal candidates for this treatment include those who have noticed:

  • Fine lines around the eye and mouth
  • Skin laxity on the neck and collarbone
  • Sagging in the cheeks and jaw
  • Loss of firmness in breasts and abdomen
  • Cellulite in arms, hips, buttocks, and thighs

Combat Aging Today

Are you ready to start reversing visible signs of aging? To start on your Thermismooth journey, contact our experts at Amachi MedSpa in Marietta, GA to schedule your initial consultation! We are happy to give you more information about Thermismooth during your appointment. Call or email us today!

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