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Hair Restoration (HairSmart)

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Hair loss is one of the most common concerns in our clinic. Even though hair loss is complicated, we offer a comprehensive treatment plan starting with HairSmart.


What is HairSmart?

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HairSmart is a complete non-surgical holistic & scientific long term hair loss treatment system. consist of high performing nutritional hair superfoods, modern technology with Low-Level Light Therapy, and ancient eastern science of Ayurveda to create a complete hair growth solution.

It is an at-home hair growth system that has combined Modern Western Technology of Low-Level Light Therapy + Ancient Eastern Science of Ayurveda + High Performing Nutritional Superfoods to create COMPLETE hair growth solutions for distinct needs. HairSmart visibly improves density, strength, texture and overall health while promoting new hair growth while arresting hair loss. Clinically proven to grow 51% new hair in 17 weeks.


What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair Loss Causes

There are multiple causes of hair loss, we offer HairSmart, a non-surgical hair recovery system for both men and women. Our HairSmart system addresses most of the common causes of hair loss. We also have access to surgical hair treatment for those who are candidate for hair transplant.





Who is a candidate for HairSmart?

Adult men and women who are experiencing hair loss are excellent candidate for hair loss. Additionally, men and women who have had hair transplants can use HairSmart to maintain and protect their investment.


Why and How to use HairSmart

How does the Laser Hair work?

Watch this video to learn how our Low Level Light Therapy helps to grow your hair.

How do I start my HairSmart Treatment

To get started with HairSmart, you need to schedule a hair consultation with one of our providers at Amachi MedSpa. During your consultation, we will review your medical history and evaluate your hair. We will take photos of your hair to document your progress. Call us today and start growing your hair!


For more information about HairSmart or to schedule a confidential consultation about hair loss please call us or email us today!

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