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Laser Spider Vein Removal

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If you are bothered by spider veins on your face, nose, or anywhere on your body, Laser Spider Vein removal at AmaChi MedSpa may help you.

Our high-powered laser has the safest wavelength for Laser Spider vein removal and treatment even on darker skin types and tanned skin.


How Does Laser spider vein removal work

The laser energy targets the pigment in the spider veins, causing the blood to heat up and coagulate. As the blood coagulates, the spider veins closes. Over the next few weeks, your body will naturally remove the damaged spider veins as you enjoy your skin without spider veins.


How many Laser Spider vein removal will I need?

Depending on the amount of spider veins and their size, more than one treatment session may be necessary. Many of our patients require one or two treatment sessions. The treatment sessions times range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. This depends on the amount and size of the spider veins.


How much does laser spider vein removal cost

Click here for our fee schedule for laser spider removal.


What are the benefits of Laser Spider vein removal

No downtime -patients can immediately resume work and all normal activities.

(We advise you to refrain from vigorous activities for the first 24 hours)

Little if any discomfort.

Generally, excellent overall improvement in the appearance is achieved.

Laser spider vein removal is a safe


What else do I need to know about Laser spider vein removal

Laser-Hair-photo-elite-plWe may ask you to wear support stockings to help keep treated veins closed and reduce bruising.

Following your treatment, your spider veins may appear darker. Laser spider vein treatment causes coagulation within the spider veins. This will resolve in about a week as the spider veins are dissolved by the body.

Initial bruising may occur.

Color changes, and small areas of scarring can occur in the skin where sclerotherapy or laser has been performed.

It is best to avoid direct sunlight (or use a sunscreen) during the first couple of weeks following treatment.


What are Spider Veins

Spider veins also know as telangiectasias are small blood vessels often seen on the face, nose, leg, ankle or foot. The main cause is unknown, but aging and heredity plays a strong role in the development spider vein. Spider veins and varicose veins are not the same. Varicose veins are larger and deeper. They are usually found on the legs and thighs and sometimes cause leg discomfort, whereas spider veins are usually pain free. Spider veins are progressive, and usually increase in number and visibility with age.

For more information on Laser Spider vein removal, please call us at 770-285-1776 for your consultation.

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