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Obagi Skin Care Products: In a League of Their Own

Fine lines, wrinkles and skin blemishes are easily worsened when the skin is exposed to harsh weather conditions including too much sunlight in the summertime. The evidence of the damage that has occurred during the summer months is often not visible to many until the winter months come along. Men and women with sensitive skin will greatly appreciate the benefits of using Obagi skin care products.

What Makes Obagi Different?

The Obagi skin care line is a favorite among dermatologists and spa experts who want to see their patients and clients get the most out of their treatments. This is a line of scientifically prepared skin care products that maintain the healthy appearance and feel of skin while nourishing and improving it.

The SUZANOBAGIMD company was established by a woman who is a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist in her own right. Dr. Suzan Obagi M.D. has used her passion for skin healing and rejuvenation to develop some of the most useful skin products known in the market. Their medical-grade level healing and protective properties are backed by real medical knowledge. She partnered with Obagi Medical to establish the SUZANOBAGIMD line of skin care products that are otherwise simply known as Obagi.

Obagi’s Specialized Skin Care

The Obagi skin care line can literally be a complete skin care kit you should be excited about having access to once you have all the products. It’s not necessary to have every one of Obagi’s products in your possession, but it would give you the full arsenal of protective, restorative, nourishing and repairing treatments that have real medical and health value. The line of products include:

Foaming Cleanser

  • This removes the build-up of oil that can attract impurities to the skin. Antioxidants, aloe polyphenols and citrus extracts power the deep cleaning properties.

Balancing Toner

  • This brings back the skin’s natural pH levels and removes oil and other potential pollutants. Witch hazel is one ingredient that has a toning and powerfully cleansing effect.

Acne Cleansing Wipes

  • They contain 2% salicylic acid for drying up acne. Witch hazel, citrus extracts and antioxidants complete the potent formula for preventing and reducing acne.

Cleansing Wipes

  • Remove makeup and cleanse the skin while you’re on-the-go with these wipes.

Soothing Complex Broad Spectrum SPF 25

  • These are especially useful as a post-operative treatment for promoting complete healing and protecting delicate skin from the effects of direct sunlight. Vitamin K and bromelain fortify the skin and reduce swelling and inflammation.

Intensive Daily Repair

  • This lotion contains polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) that have a exfoliating effect that reduces signs of aging and improves texture and clarity of skin.

Retivance® Skin Rejuvenating Complex

  • Improves the skin’s complexion and texture with ingredients like retinaldehyde, safflower seed oil and wheat germ oil.

If you ever stop by Amachi MedSpa for a skin treatment, ask us about Obagi skin care. We are conveniently located in Marietta, GA. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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