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Laser Hair Removal for African Americans – What You Should Know

When it comes to skin and hair, darker skin responds differently to certain cosmetic treatments than lighter skin. Often, the usual methods don’t seem to work so well when it comes to hair removal or epidermal treatments. African American skin and hair is unique, so it’s important to receive specialized care from someone who knows what they’re doing. Amachi MedSpa is your place to go for laser hair removal for African Americans.

Razor Burn

African Americans generally have darker, coarser hair, that has a tendency to curl. That’s why when it comes to shaving, a lot of us suffer from annoying ingrown hairs. Whether male or female, under the arms, on the face or neck, or in the more private areas of our anatomy, this affliction can be treated with laser hair removal for African Americans.

State-of-the-Art Lasers

Amachi MedSpa uses the state-of-the-art Cynosure Elite – the first ever type of laser to be proven safe and effective for all skin tones. While it sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, the Cynosure Elite has no contender when it comes to removing unwanted hair with efficiency and comfort. Its revolutionary technology combines two different laser types for one optimal result.

How Does It Work?

Lasers emit a strong wavelength of light that targets the dark melanin pigment – which is found in dark hair. The laser goes through layers of skin to get to the root. Here, it renders the follicle near-useless, preventing or stunting future hair growth. Amachi MedSpa’s lasers are designed to do the job a lot safer than other kinds of lasers.

Traditional laser hair removal hasn’t been able to penetrate past the darker pigmentation of the African American skin type. And that makes for poor results or damage to the skin itself. Our lasers have been proven safe and effective for ALL skin types!

What Areas Can Be Treated?

Areas all over the body can be treated by laser hair removal for African Americans.

Laser Hair Removal for African Americans

There’s not a shortage of reasons for getting laser hair removal done. Feel smoother, look better, and eliminate skin irritation caused by ingrown hairs. Throw your wax or razor in the trash, and bask in the confidence gained from your new, silk-like skin.

Consult the experts at Amachi MedSpa in Marietta, GA for all your hair removal needs. Contact us today for a consultation!

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