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Tighten and Tone with Exilis Skin Tightening

The natural aging process can take a noticeable, if not devastating, toll on your skin. Your face may lose its tone and firmness. You also may develop wrinkles across your forehead and around your eyes, nose and mouth. Because most over-the-counter beauty products cannot undo the signs of aging, you may need to utilize the newest medical technology to regain your youthful looks. You can look forward to a smoother, fresher and younger-looking appearance when you undergo Exilis skin tightening treatments at our office.

What is Exilis Skin Tightening?

Exilis skin tightening is an aesthetic treatment that tightens loose and wrinkled facial skin. The process is entirely non-invasive and non-surgical. It is performed on an outpatient basis and does not require any sedation or hospitalization.

It likewise achieves cosmetic results that are not possible with the use of over-the-counter beauty products or some types of cosmetic treatments like dermal fillers. The results of Exilis skin tightening are long-lasting and are easy to maintain with proper care and attention.

As mentioned, the procedure can be performed right here in our office. It utilizes technology called monopolar radio frequency that is transmitted to the under layers of the skin on your face.

Our provider will also use a dual pulse handheld device to emit energy to the tissue under your facial skin. Together, the monopolar radio frequency and the dual pulse energy break up fat that will be drained by your body’s lymphatic system and liver. They also promote the production of new collagen, which in turn tightens your skin.

The final steps of the process involve the cooling down of treated areas. We will use an advanced cooling system to cool the skin and eliminate the risk of burns. The energy flow control technology of the advanced cooling system also guarantees an even application of the treatment to the under layers of your skin.

Altogether, the treatment takes around a half hour to 45 minutes to complete. You should see visible improvements right away in the look and tone of your skin. However, you may need several treatments to achieve the cosmetic results you want.

Exilis Skin Tightening Benefits

Because Exilis skin tightening is non-invasive and non-surgical, it entails very few risks to your health or safety. The most common complaint among patients is redness of the skin immediately after their treatments. This is normal and will dissipate after a few hours, however, and it does not permanently damage the skin.

You can get the younger, smoother and more toned look you want without putting yourself through treatments that take up more time and place more of a risk to your health. Exilis skin tightening is safe to perform on all skin types and offers you the convenient, non-invasive remedy you want to combat the signs of aging.

If you are interested in learning more about Exilis skin tightening, we can help you find out if it is the right treatment for you at Amachi Med Spa in Marietta. Contact us today to book your first appointment!

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