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The Benefits of BOTOX Injections

If you’re an adult who’s experiencing age-related wrinkling on the face, particularly dynamic wrinkling around the eyes and mouth and on the forehead and brow areas, you’re not alone. This type of wrinkling is the result of countless thousands of muscle contractions that pinch the skin. All of those years of smiling and frowning have caused these wrinkles to become visible, and they become even more prominent as we age because of the decreased amount of moisture and collagen in the skin. BOTOX® injections are the simplest way to combat this visual sign of aging.

The benefits of BOTOX® are many and include smoother skin without the need for skin ablation or abrasive resurfacing. Many of our clients are considering a facelift or an invasive treatment in the future, but for now, they want a simpler solution. BOTOX® injections are easy to perform, and there’s no real downtime after treatment.

Smile Lines and Crow’s Feet

Smile lines are thin but very prominent. They don’t look like much when the skin is relaxed, but the instant you smile, purse your lips, or widen your eyes, they suddenly reveal themselves. You may look as though you’ve aged 10 years in a matter of seconds. The same is true of crow’s feet.

When we examine your facial features during a consultation, these lines are what we look for. We also examine the upper-level facial muscles to determine their size and strength. A muscle-relaxing agent such as BOTOX® affects these muscles, not the skin itself, so the muscle positioning and the amount of skin pinching caused by the contraction of these muscles are what we’re interested in.

Based on the severity of the wrinkling and the location where these lines appear, we’ll design a customized injection treatment. The fluid is injected directly into the muscle tissue in order to smooth the skin on top of it.

What Happens Next?

This product acts as a nerve signal blocker. Nerve signals are transmitted by tiny changes in the amounts of certain chemicals in the nerves themselves. The nerve endings transmit energy to the muscle, and it contracts. However, once the fluid settles into the muscle tissue, the signals are mostly blocked.

This results in smoother skin because the muscles don’t cause the surface to pinch or pull. You can still smile and frown, but those lines and wrinkles are now far less noticeable. The effect typically lasts for months at a time before follow-up injections are needed.

Advantages and Benefits

The treatment takes just minutes to perform. The skin isn’t subjected to resurfacing or harsh agents. This makes BOTOX® injections suitable for all skin types. There’s no set downtime or recovery period after the treatment.

If your self-confidence is suffering because of those annoying smile lines and crow’s feet, we’ve got good news for you. BOTOX® injections at Amachi MedSpa could work for you! Contact us today to book an appointment in Marietta and get started.

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