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Stop Shaving and Start Laser Hair Removal

Shaving is not something that most people enjoy, and a single session can take several minutes. Waxing can be effective, but it suffers from the same limitations as shaving. One of the best ways to handle unwanted hair is laser hair removal, and it’s regularly used for the forearms, legs, bikini line and face. With some of the latest advances in laser technology, this treatment option has become very popular, and unlike shaving, it offers permanent or long-lasting hair removal.

How Laser Energy Destroys Unwanted Hair

During the procedure, a special laser is tuned to a specific wavelength of light, and it’s used to destroy the hair on your body. Since your unwanted hairs contain melanin, they’re vulnerable to the pulses of light from the laser. When the laser energy hits the melanin inside each hair follicle, it causes a thermal reaction and destroys the follicle.

Ideal candidates for laser hair removal have hair that is darker than the skin tone. However, if you have darker skin, then you can still consider laser hair removal at our office.

Why Consider Laser Hair Removal?

Before considering this procedure, you should know the benefits. The main reason why most people choose this treatment is because they’re looking for permanent or long-lasting hair removal.

Although it can take a series of treatments, laser hair removal can effectively remove or reduce your unwanted hair. There is always the chance that some hair follicles will respawn, but even if this happens, you’ll still notice a huge reduction in quantity of hair.

Another advantage of laser hair removal is the lack of hassle, which is a common problem for people who shave and wax. During the treatment, a special device is used to attack unwanted hair with pulses of light, and by pulsing the laser, we can prevent damage to your skin.

What to Expect

Unlike shaving, this treatment is quick, and a typical treatment session takes just minutes to carry out. However, it all depends on the unique case. After you’re finished with a treatment session, you can return to your daily lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of not having to shave every day.

Ingrown hairs are very irritating, and they’re caused by shaving. Since this procedure eliminates unwanted hair and doesn’t use a blade to cut hair, it doesn’t cause ingrown hairs.

Most people decide to undergo laser hair removal because they’re tired of shaving and they want to save their precious time. If you were to calculate the amount of time needed to continue shaving for the rest of your life, the number would be huge.

Learn More

To get all the facts about laser hair removal, book an appointment at Amachi MedSpa in Marietta. During this meeting, we can answer any questions you may have and determine if laser treatment is right for you. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation!

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