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Laser Hair Removal in Atlanta with the Cynosure Elite

When you live in the Atlanta area, you can get specialized laser hair removal at AmaChi Med Spa. We use the latest in laser technology and can treat practically everyone – including those with darker skin.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

As the laser is applied to the skin, it heats up the hair follicles enough so that they become disabled. Once that occurs, the individual follicles cannot produce any more hair, or they produce less hair, depending on the situation. This is what makes laser hair removal the best option today for men and women.

Hair follicles are not all in the growth stage at the same time, and a laser is only effective when they are growing. There are hair cycles that the follicles go through, and this is why multiple treatments will be necessary.

Areas of Treatment

Almost all unwanted hair can be treated with our laser system. Whether the hair is on your face and lips, shoulders, neck, back, chest, arms or underarms, stomach, bikini line, or legs, it can be treated. As it destroys the hair follicles, it does minimal harm to the skin, letting you enjoy your bare skin.

The Hair May Not Return

The clear advantage of laser hair removal is that once the hair follicles are disabled, that is the end of your hair growth in that area. Of course, results vary, and some people experience more hair loss than others.

Everyone Can Be Treated

Amachi Med Spa in Atlanta uses the latest in laser hair removal technology. This permits us to be able to treat people of all backgrounds. Most lasers will not do this, but our two-laser system – the Cynosure Elite – is the first kind that makes it possible and lets us treat virtually everyone safely.

No Time Off Needed

The treatments can be completed rather quickly. Even when you have larger areas to be covered by the laser, the sessions are convenient.

Book a Consultation

The first step toward getting laser hair removal treatments is to schedule a consultation with us at AmaChi Med Spa in Marietta. Contact us today to book your appointment and learn more!

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