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Laser Hair Removal: Great for All Skin Types

You have always enjoyed having smooth, hair-free skin. To get your skin to that point, you put in a lot of work each day to remove and strip hair from your body. Shaving, waxing and using chemical creams to rid your body of unwanted hair has been something of a tradition that you have spent countless hours carrying out and maintaining. As a result of your efforts, your skin does not just look smooth, but it also helps you to keep up with your professional look and style too. But, did you know modern science is making hair removal a whole lot easier for people just like you? Yes, it is true, laser hair removal methods today are far more effective and work for more people today than they did in past years.

Additionally, the benefits of laser hair removal are amazing. For starters, you will not need to spend countless hours working so hard to keep your skin flawlessly smooth. In fact, you might enjoy knowing that laser hair removal will make your razor, wax and chemical-based creams for removing hair obsolete.

Using Improved Lasers

In the past, you might have dismissed the thought of getting laser hair removal because you thought it was only effective in people with light skin and dark hair. This has been a major concern over the years, but modern lasers have made this procedure accessible to people of all skin tones. This improvement comes from the fact that modern lasers can be calibrated for specific skin tones. So, whether you are more olive toned or even darker does not matter.

How it Works

When you make your appointment for your first laser hair removal treatment session, you are going to be given some protective eye wear to ensure that you do not damage your vision from looking at the laser. Photon energy from the laser being worked over your skin will effectively collide with the pigment in the hair follicles beneath your skin. As the energy from the photons damages the pigment in the follicles, this makes it far more difficult for hair to grow back. The hair that does grow back is thinner. Also, the more treatments you have with the laser, the less frequently your hair will grow back. After a few sessions, you may find your hair stops growing back for weeks or even months. If the thought of being liberated from having to manually get rid of unwanted hair excites you, then please contact or visit our clinic to find out how to get started with laser hair removal today! Amachi Med Spa is conveniently located in Marietta, GA near Atlanta.

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