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Is Ultherapy Really Non-Surgical?

Traditional facelifts are usually quite effective, but the side effects can be upsetting. Many patients spend weeks in bed recovering from their surgical lifts, and there is no guarantee that the results will last for more than a year or two. Ultherapy® is a completely non-surgical treatment that quickly and safely tightens your skin. This procedure is a great option for those who are tired of masking their age-related blemishes with expensive beauty products.

Understanding Your Aging Skin

Even though your skin is one of your most resilient organs, it is constantly being bombarded with harsh chemicals and dangerous UV rays. When you are younger, your body quickly replaces all of your damaged skin cells. Unfortunately, there may come a point when your regenerative response is no longer as effective. As you grow older, you may begin to notice imperfections like fine lines around the eyes, wrinkles near the mouth, and sunken cheeks. Beauty products can be used to hide those blemishes, but you must trigger your body’s regenerative response if you want to enjoy long-term changes.

Ultrasonic Technology

Ultherapy® is an FDA-cleared treatment that lifts and tones skin with ultrasonic waves. When your skin is bombarded with ultrasonic energy, your body immediately begins producing fresh collagen and elastin. These proteins give your skin a firm and toned appearance. Within weeks of your Ultherapy® appointment, some of your surface blemishes will begin to fade away. The full results won’t be apparent for months, and some patients require multiple treatments. Once you have achieved your cosmetic goals, you can schedule follow-up appointments as needed.

Benefits of Ultherapy®

Many people are now choosing this non-surgical treatment over facelifts because they don’t want to deal with a lengthy recovery time. Ultherapy® produces minimal side effects, and there is no downtime following this procedure.

Ultherapy® is an excellent option for patients who are tired of dealing with stubborn age-related blemishes. You will most likely be a great candidate as long as you have healthy skin and realistic expectations.

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