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Interested in Body Contouring? Try CoolSculpting!

When you think about your perfect body, what do you envision? Maybe you would love to have perfectly toned arms, or maybe you desire a smooth stomach. Maybe there are some areas of the body that are rounder than you would like. Although we all have a different definition of an ideal body, most of us can agree this body does not include stubborn pockets of unwanted body fat. However, these areas of fat can be difficult to address, and sometimes a healthy lifestyle is just not enough. While diet and exercise are essential for a healthy lifestyle, they are not always reliable as a means for you to achieve the specific goals you desire. With the help of aesthetic body contouring treatments, achieving the body you desire may be possible! CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that may help you eliminate the fat pockets that seem to be holding you back. Learn more about this treatment, how it works, what it can address, if it is right for you, and more!

What is CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is an FDA-cleared body contouring procedure unlike any other. This non-surgical, non-invasive aesthetic treatment directly targets and eliminates unwanted body fat. It targets the body fat directly at the cause by eliminating fat cells.

This body contouring procedure may help promote a smoother appearance and redefine natural curves. It is particularly effective in areas that may not be responsive to traditional methods, such as exercise and a healthy diet.

CoolSculpting® is capable of achieving amazing results with the power of cool temperatures and pressure through the process of cryolipolysis. This scientific process directly targets fat cells. They are frozen, ultimately destroying them. The body naturally processes and disposes of these fat cells during natural waste processes.

This body contouring treatment offers a way to destroy fat cells without any external damage. The cool temperatures only affect the fat cells and the fat tissues. There is no damage or harm to the skin or other external tissues.

What is Cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is the scientific name for the CoolSculpting® process. It refers to freezing cells to the point that they die and are permanently destroyed.

Cryolipolysis is a fairly straightforward process, but it is rooted in science. It was inspired by how popsicles interact with the human mouth. When popsicles are put in the mouths of babies or children, the cool temperatures cause dimples on the skin and may even eventually reduce the presence of certain tissues.

What Affects Fat Cells?

Did you know your body produces all of the fat cells it will ever produce when you are still in your adolescence? As you grow, your body produces fat cells, and the final fat cells are produced during puberty. From then on in life, the body only produces new fat cells in extreme or particular circumstances.

Fat cells absorb things from the foods consumed, and they can expand and grow over time. As fat cells grow, fat tissues can grow. This results in unwanted body fat. However, since your body does not produce more fat cells, once the fat cells are destroyed, they are gone for good! Fat reduction can be permanent when fat cells are eliminated. However, it is important to keep in mind the fat cells may still expand, meaning it is possible for fatty tissues to develop or be present.

Body Contouring vs. Weight Loss

Body contouring treatments are aesthetic measures or treatments meant to enhance the natural features of the body. They are not meant to replace traditional diet and exercise or other habits for a healthy lifestyle. However, they may be advantageous to use to supplement a healthy lifestyle.

CoolSculpting® is also a unique body contouring treatment as it focuses on destroying fat cells. Fat reduction is different than weight loss as removing fat cells does not necessarily offer any benefits for health. However, it may promote a smoother, more slender appearance in a specific area.

It is important to remember that weight loss is also different from fat loss on a cellular level. Weight loss shrinks the size of fat cells via healthy habits, but fat loss may involve the permanent elimination of fat cells. To preserve smaller fat cells, it is essential to maintain healthy habits.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

CoolSculpting® is an FDA-cleared treatment for multiple areas of the body. Because of the diversity of this device, a variety of stubborn areas can be addressed, including:

  • Abdomen
  • Bra fat
  • Flanks
  • And more!

Many of these areas are notoriously difficult to target and enhance with traditional methods of diet and exercise. However, with the power of cryolipolysis, it is possible to permanently destroy fat cells in these areas!

If you have questions about other potential treatment areas, they may be addressed during a consultation with our professionals. They will collaborate with you to help you achieve the body you desire. In some cases, multiple areas may be treated during the same treatment session.

What Does the Treatment Process Entail?

CoolSculpting® treatments are completely non-surgical and entirely non-invasive. During the treatment session, a device is applied directly to the treatment area. This device uses a gentle vacuum suction before applying extremely cold temperatures to the area. The cold temperatures not only create a numbing sensation, but they immediately get to work destroying fat cells in the area. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they are processed and naturally eliminated through natural body processes.

You may experience some pressure during this process. However, the device generally feels cool, and the treatment process is often quite relaxing! You can relax and take time to read or watch a movie on your phone as the power of CoolSculpting® works to reduce your unwanted body fat. There is little to no discomfort associated with the process. There is no need for any kind of medications. Also, you do not have to wear any special garments following a treatment session!

What Should I Do After the Treatment?

One of the best things about CoolSculpting® is how simple the treatment process is! These treatment sessions are typically short, but the exact length of treatment will depend on the specific area treated. Again, multiple areas may be able to be treated during the same treatment session.

All sessions are performed on an outpatient basis in the comfort of our office. There is no set downtime associated with the process, and you should get right back to your normal daily activities! In fact, you may even be able to have the treatment performed during a quick break from your everyday errands.

When Could I Expect to See My Results?

Results will vary for each person and specific treatment area. However, most people begin to see initial results shortly after a treatment session. It is important to give yourself plenty of time to see optimal results as they gradually improve. The best results may take months to see.

A series of treatments may be recommended to help you achieve the best results. The number of treatments required will vary for each person and area treated. However, our professionals will help you tailor your customized treatment plan.

Will My Results Be Permanent?

As a reminder, your body generally cannot produce new fat cells. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they cannot be recreated. This means results achieved with CoolSculpting® are intended to be permanent!

However, it is important to remember that the results achieved with this body contouring treatment will vary for each person and treatment area. Although your body cannot produce new fat cells, existing fat cells can expand. To preserve your results, it is important to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Can I Combine This with Other Treatments?

CoolSculpting® treatments may be performed on most people. They may be performed for those who have had other aesthetic treatments, and they may be used as part of a more comprehensive approach to achieving aesthetic goals.

A consultation with our professionals can help you determine how this treatment may fit into your life alongside other treatments. It is important to keep in mind there must be enough fat cells present in the treatment area to achieve a slimmer appearance using this treatment. CoolSculpting® does not offer skin tightening or skin rejuvenation benefits.

How Will I Know If This is Right for Me?

Since CoolSculpting® does not use any lasers or light, it may be safely and effectively performed on most people regardless of skin tones and types. It is also completely non-invasive.

It is important to keep in mind that this is not a weight loss procedure. Although CoolSculpting® is a great treatment option to target and reduce stubborn fat, it is crucial to remember it should not be used instead of traditional means of healthy living.

This body contouring treatment may be for you if:

  • You are in generally good health.
  • You have realistic goals and expectations for treatment.
  • You are within your goal weight.
  • You regularly exercise and eat a healthy diet, but you are unable to see your desired results.
  • You are seeking non-surgical, non-invasive treatment methods to achieve your aesthetic goals.
  • You are comfortable with cool temperatures.
  • You are unhappy with the presence of areas such as love handles, bra fat, stomach fat, or other body fat.
  • You struggle to target specific areas that you are unhappy with.

A consultation with our professionals can help you determine if this procedure is the best fit for you and your goals. As a series of treatments is often required to help you achieve the best results, they can help you develop your personalized treatment plan.

During your consultation, one of our professionals will discuss your specific goals with you. They will evaluate your health as well as the specific treatment area. After taking a comprehensive intake of your health, gaining a better understanding of your health and goals, and evaluating the treatment area, they will provide you with their recommendations for treatment.

What Should I Do Next?

Are you curious to know more about the benefits of CoolSculpting®? Take the next step toward achieving the smooth curves and body contours you desire by booking an appointment at Amachi MedSpa in Marietta. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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