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Improve Your Overall Appearance with Eyebrow Tinting

Having light-colored eyebrows is an issue for many women. While it may seem rather trivial to some, the appearance of full, dark brows can actually make a big impact on your overall look. If you’ve always wanted gorgeous eyebrows and hate the maintenance of using pencil or some other darkening method with every makeup application, you’re in luck. Eyebrow tinting is a simple, temporary procedure that can be done easily in the comfort of our med spa. While it’s possible to purchase DIY home kits, there are dangers involved such as improper application or an allergic reaction. We invite you to discover how you can improve your overall appearance with eyebrow tinting. During a consultation with us, you’ll learn what’s involved in the process, how long it lasts and whether you might benefit from the treatment.

About Eyebrow Tinting

Tinting the eyebrows is a fairly straightforward process in which a technician applies a gentle, vegetable-based dye to the brows. The colorant will remain in place for a set amount of time in order to darken the hair before it is eventually removed. The dye is darker in tone than your natural brow color. It will lighten naturally as it fades over time and can be reapplied at your preference.

Why See a Professional?

Eyebrow tinting is a safe process when done at our med spa. At-home application can be dangerous, however. We use coloring products with ingredients that have been deemed safe by industry standards. In addition, our beauty experts know how to take extra precautions to prevent dripping into the eyes and staining the skin. They also make sure that no germs or bacteria are spread.

Contact Us Today to Learn More

Eyebrow tinting at Amachi Med Spa is a quick and easy beauty treatment that can make a dramatic difference in your appearance. The darker dye adheres to the thin brow strands, making them look lusher and fuller. If you’re interested in improving the appearance of your arches, professional brow tinting at our med spa in Marietta can do the trick. You won’t know until you schedule a consultation with one of our experienced professionals. Contact us today to book an appointment and get started!

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