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Facials Near Me: What’s Available?

A facial is a skin treatment with multiple steps that can be customized to suit the client’s skin type and needs. It can provide such benefits as firmer and more elastic skin. Some facials can also serve as acne treatments. Here at Amachi Med Spa, we are proud to offer this treatment to our patients and invite you to learn more about it.

What Does a Facial Involve?

If the patient is a new client, our professionals will perform an analysis of their skin to determine the best and most appropriate treatments. After that, the therapist will thoroughly clean the skin. The next step is exfoliation or the removal of dead skin cells. After that, the skin care professional may apply a variety of toners and serums to either hydrate or dry the skin. The patient will also be advised on how to take better care of their skin.

How Often Should Someone Get a Facial?

The frequency with which someone should get a facial varies from person to person, seeing as everyone has a different type of skin and results tend to vary from case to case. On average, it is best to schedule a facial about four times a year. The changing seasons affect the skin. For example, the cold and dry air of autumn and winter can dehydrate a client’s skin, so they will probably need facials that will moisturize their skin. Conversely, spring and summer can make the skin oilier, so the client will need facials to reduce excess oil and/or acne. Those with more aggressive acne may wish to have a facial more often, advisably once a month.

Curious? Reach Out to Us for More Information

If you think facials could be a good idea for you and you want to learn more, please feel free to get in touch and make an appointment with Amachi MedSpa! At our office in Marietta, GA, our dedicated and caring professionals will be happy to explain the ins and out of the treatment, answer any questions you may have, and help you achieve the height of rejuvenation. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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