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Eliminate Unwanted Body Hair with Laser Hair Removal in Marietta

Unwanted body hair is a nuisance. Not only will you spend your hard-earned money on products to remove it, but you may also suffer from ingrown hairs, nicks, chemical burns or irritation. Some hair removal methods, such as waxing, plucking and threading, are also quite uncomfortable in sensitive areas. If your hair growth embarrasses you, you may also be concerned that others will notice the growth if you don’t remove every last hair or if you are developing stubble. Laser hair removal in Marietta can help with all of this. If you are considering taking steps to remove unwanted hair once and for all, learning more about your options is often the first step to finding the right solution for you.

How It Works

Lasers use a focused beam of light to heat up the roots of your hair shaft. This destroys the follicle responsible for growing the hair. The hair won’t grow back again, much like hair will not grow on a scar. Laser treatments do not disrupt your sweat glands, tattoos, moles or any other feature of your skin. However, it cannot be applied to broken skin. Those with skin issues such as psoriasis, persistent eczema or cystic acne should talk to their dermatologist about whether or not laser treatments would be safe.

The Laser Hair Removal Process

Most people in Marietta need a series of treatment sessions on any given area to achieve a perfectly smooth, hairless result. This is necessary because our hair grows in a cycle, meaning that not all of our hair is growing all at the same time. Follicles that were in a dormant state last month may be producing hairs this month. You can set up your appointments to suit your lifestyle and schedule, as the hair growth cycle is quite long.

Caring for Your Skin

Laser hair removal treatments can cause your skin to be sensitive to sunlight, leaving you more susceptible to sunburn. Our specialist in Marietta can provide you with helpful information regarding ways to care for your skin.

If you’re tired of grooming away unwanted hair or worrying that others are noticing it, laser hair removal at Amachi Med Spa in Marietta may be just the solution. We are committed to helping all of our clients reach their aesthetic goals and would be delighted to help you reach yours. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for laser hair removal!

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