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CoolSculpting for Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

CoolSculpting® is quickly building a reputation as one of the preeminent forms of non-surgical body contouring. Thousands of people around the world have seen the benefits of this procedure, and they are encouraging their friends and family members who are looking to sculpt their body to take the time to learn more about what it entails. Here are three reasons why you should consider CoolSculpting® for non-surgical fat reduction.

CoolSculpting® Treats the Fat that Diet and Exercise Can’t

Diet and exercise can only do so much when it comes to helping you sculpt your body. The thing about diet and exercise is that you cannot control where you lose weight. A lot of where you lose weight from is controlled by your genetic makeup. The same thing is true when it comes to where you put weight on. This means that a person can diet and exercise consistently and still have stubborn pockets of fat on their midsection, around their legs, on their arms, or on their thighs. CoolSculpting® allows you to target the areas that you want to treat, giving your body the sculpted and attractive appearance that people are gunning for when they diet and exercise.

CoolSculpting® is Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive

There are a lot of invasive procedures designed to help you sculpt your body. Some of the more popular procedures include things like liposuction. There can be no denying the effectiveness of a procedure like liposuction when it comes to removing unwanted or stubborn pockets of fat. However, not everyone wants or qualifies for a surgical procedure like liposuction. The downtime and the risks associated with more invasive procedures all but disappear with CoolSculpting®. This is because it does not require any form of surgery. The only thing involved is a controlled cooling process that kills the excess fat cells in the targeted areas, which the body will then naturally flush out. There is no bruising, swelling, or discomfort.

CoolSculpting® Produces Natural Results

If there’s anything patients want more than good results, it’s good results that look natural. Fortunately, this is never a worry with CoolSculpting®. The unique procedure produces evenly distributed fat loss that leaves you with a smooth and attractive contour. Even people who are familiar with the great results it produces are surprised at how nice they look once the procedure is complete.

Good candidates for this procedure include those who are at or close to their ideal body weight but cannot get rid of stubborn pockets of fat with diet and exercise alone. If it is determined that CoolSculpting® is the best course of action for you during your consultation, we will work directly with you to help you identify which areas would benefit the most from the procedure and what you can expect.

CoolSculpting® is a powerful tool that has helped many people get the slim, chiseled look they want without downtime or discomfort. The medical professionals at Amachi Med Spa are proud to provide this innovative procedure to clients in Marietta and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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