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Look and Feel Your Best with Chemical Peels in Marietta

One of the things that you’ve likely noticed when you look at celebrities is that they have seemingly flawless skin. Some would argue that their flawless skin is just a façade and that what we’re really seeing is the result of Photoshop and a good makeup artist. In some instances, this is probably true. However, more and more celebrities have opted to upload photographs of themselves without makeup. And still many of them have seemingly flawless skin. So the question is, what is their secret? After talking to many of them it becomes clear that part of their secret includes a regular routine of chemical peels.

This is encouraging because chemical peels are something that every one of us can do here in Marietta. A chemical peel will reveal the flawless, spotless, line free complexion that is sitting just under the surface of your skin. Professional peels are not new and are a form of treatment that has been around for many years. What has changed is the techniques that are used. Now, the chemicals that are used are not as harsh. Chemicals are used that not only cause exfoliation, but also nurture your skin.

There are a lot of high-tech devices on the market that promise skin resurfacing. For example, lasers are a popular form of skin resurfacing. However, cosmetic professionals are realizing that the results obtained via chemical peels are oftentimes better than those obtained using lasers for many of their patients.

Another thing that is attracting more people in Marietta to the idea of chemical peels is that they are simply treatments. And the results they produce are amazing just after one treatment. However, it is true that there may be a little bit more recovery time with a chemical peel as opposed to a laser procedure.

One of the powerful things about chemical peels is that they encourage your skin to work better. The exfoliation caused by the treatment forces the skin cells that are underneath to multiply. Chemical peels force your body to create more collagen, to create more hyaluronic acid, and to overall look younger.

After a chemical peel, you’re going to notice that your skin care products work a lot better. This is because the dead layers of skin that were preventing them from penetrating deep into your skin are gone. So the facial products you use are able to affect the deeper layers of your skin.

So, do you want your skin to look and feel its best? Then we invite you to learn more about chemical peels at Amachi MedSpa in Marietta. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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